What is Christie Laser Projector (2022)

What is Christie Laser Projector: Now every one needs a projector to watch their favorite movies and TV shows online. But if you know that there are lots of projector brands that give you multiple projectors with different options.

The latest and famous projectors are 4K they are a little higher in price but offer you a more clear picture and video quality than normal. But now there are some advanced Christie eclipse Barco RGB laser projector 4k movie theater give you higher brightness or 5000, 8000, and also 10000 lumens.

If you need higher lumens of brightness to make more bright image quality while watching on screen. Then you need to pick the latest christie laser projector.

What is Christie Laser Projector

If you want the most expensive color gamut. Then you will get in leader projector that has more bright and amazing color accuracy than you will get in these projectors. Great light source image illuminating and an advanced clear image technology that you will get in these projectors. They are long-tasting efficient and more reliable than normal projectors.

Laser Projector vs 4K Projector

Well, laser projectors give you ultra high-quality images and videos than 4K. As you know sometimes people buy 4K projectors for getting a higher resolution. But now you will get a clear view in laser.

These projectors use advanced laser technology to show images on the wall/ screen. If you have a huge budget for buying a projector then we recommend you to buy a laser projector. Because that gives you a long-time reliability option with more features.

Laser Projector vs Normal Projector

Normal projectors use in daily conditions like anyone can easily buy and use. But when we talk about laser projectors then you need to pay more money. Because laser projectors are a little higher amount than normal projectors.

And also you don’t get laser projectors easily. Christie digital dual 4k laser projectors are very expensive and also give you more options for you. But if you are a normal user like a daily user then we recommend you to buy normal 1080p projectors.

Christie LX801i-D

Christie LX801i-D

Christie LX801i-D is an amazing projector that gives you 3LCD XGA 8000 lumens technology. Normally laser projectors don’t have a black lens so, so that produces better image quality. It will give you XGA resolution with 8000 ANSI lumens of brightness that give you daylight visibility.

Now you can easily bring this projector to the lighting area and use it without any problem. Because there are some normal projectors available for you that give you less than 5000 lumens of brightness. If you are finding the best laser projector that you can easily buy for your home and also for the office.

Then this is the best option for you. We only show you the latest version of this projector that gives you laser technology with higher brightness to use in daylight conditions. It also gives you a DICOM simulation mode for training purposes. This projector is about 24 pounds bit heavy but you can easily carry it all-around your house.

  • Black No Lens.
  • Exceptional Image Quality.
  • XGA Resolution Technology.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • 8000 ANSI lumens of brightness.
  • Bigger Size.
  • Little Expensive than normal projectors.

Compare Between 1DLP laser phosphor vs 3DLP laser phosphor vs RGB pure laser

Now we are talking about these three types of projectors. That helps you to understand which one gives you more features and options. Christie 4k7-hs and 4k10-hs 1dlp laser projectors give you more features. But in the table, you will get more features guide.

FeaturesRGB pure laser1DLP® laser phosphor

3DLP® laser phosphor
Color AccuracyRec. 709, DCI-P3,Rec. 709 & DCI-P3Rec. 709 & DCI-P3
Illumination performance (hours)25,00020,00020,000
Brightness range (in lumens)32,000 – 40,0004,000 – 20,00031,000
High contrast lensesNoYesYes
Ultra Short Throw (UST) lensNoYesYes
Frame Rate (HFR)60-480 Hz60 Hz max (HS series 120 Hz)up to 60 Hz max
Light compositionTrue solid state - no spinning wheelSpinning phosphor wheelSpinning phosphor wheel

Is Laser Projector Better?

If you want big projectors that give you high-quality brightness and resolution then it’s better for you. But if you have a normal use like other people then we prefer you to buy the normal projectors that give you high-quality resolution and features.

Christie Laser Projector-Final Thoughts

We hope you like this information about Christie’s laser projector. If you like this information and want to buy the latest laser projector then we will give you the latest protector above. But if you don’t know the main difference between both then comment to us we will help you to understand what you need to buy.

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