QHD vs WQHD: Which is Better (2022)

QHD vs WQHD: As you know there are multiple screen resolutions available in the market. In the old times, you will get some limited resolution pixels. but now there is a lot of advanced technology available with more pixels.

Well, as you know image resolution is the main thing that you need to watch videos and images on the screen. When you need a clear and high-quality image then you also need a higher resolution pixel. That makes bigger and clear image quality for you.

Today we are going to know what is QHD and WQHD as well as the difference between them.

What is QHD

The full form of QHD is Quad High Definition resolution. That comes under a 1440p resolution in the market. The measurement of the pixels is 2560 x 1440 the make clear and better image quality. (As for remembering WQHD also provide you under 1440p resolution.) This resolution gives you collectively a 2K resolution.

Well, Quad HD resolution gives you a smooth and better image than 2K resolution. As you know 2K is a well, known resolution technology that you will get in different types of displays. If you know that it’s an old technology but still it has a huge hype in the market. Because 4K and 8K technology cost you very high.

What is WQHD?

The Widescreen version of High Definition resolution is called WQHD. If you know that WQHD is higher than the normal QHD. So, in this resolution, you will get the same resolution of 1440p.

But UW 1440p is slightly better and wider front the use in the widescreen. Now you will get more pixels for a wide area like 3440 x 1440p on the other hand QHD provides you with 2560 x 1440p.

WQHD gives you higher horizontal pixels like 880 more than the QHD resolution. If you need the widescreen to use then WQHS is the better option for you that give you more widescreen pixels. Both give you 1080p native resolution of standard Full HD technology that improves and gives you clear image quality.

What’s the Difference?

There is a slight difference between both. Well, both have only 880 pixels difference. In WQHS you will get 880 pixels widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio without stretching the image. Both give you the same resolution with smooth and clear image quality.

As you know 1080p resolution provides you with higher and deep image quality. The WQHD gives you widescreen technology so, you will get a shape of vertical pixels or height with WQHD being slightly better than QHD resolution technology.

As you know there are lots of new technologies available like 4k and now up to 10K resolution. But along with that, you will get 2K resolution but the only improvement is you will get Full HD native technology that most people use for gaming and watching movies.

Do the Extra Pixels Make the Difference?

The simple answer is yes, extra pixels make a better image for you. If you want t 4K widescreen image then you need extra pixels. Now the WQHD gives you a wider display size that makes a better ad bigger image than the normal QHD.

As you know both technologies give you a higher quality display of 1080p. But you will get a slight difference between both for just about 880 pixels. The smooth dimension with the 1080p display screen refers to the equal length below.

The 4K video display screen needs some extra expanse toward the wheeze. 10K makes a better and more great quality image with more pixels to improve the image quality.

Pros & Cons of QHD

Well, both give you different pros and cons that you like to make difference between both.


The Quad HD display gives you 2K moderately image quality to edged compared to its brimful HD or Full HD verdict. As you know QHS shows 1080 pixels image quality. The higher quality resolutions more clear image quality.

It will appraise if 4K is so ample conducive to the necessary allot for you. A broad higher quality definition with greatly enhanced image experience.


Now you can’t utilize the QHD conducive to panorama display. Not providing you full HD depletes some extra electric power or dry battery use.

Pros & Cons of WQHD

This resolution technology provides you with more features and detailed wide image quality.


As you know this technology give you more widescreen technology. Now you can easily use panorama and images and videos. This will also provide you with the same 1440 pixels. But with wide-angle technology makes 880 more pixels than QHD technology.

So, it makes some technological improvements, and WideQuad HD additionally recommends pro display size.


2K is efficient but when you get 4K that it makes a great quality picture. That makes each pixel visible and look more vibrant. With the same pixels, you will get more wide-angle this is the wrong thing for WQHD technology.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Some users have questions about the QHD vs WQHD. Then we will give you answers to all your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you required and need to know.

Is QHD better than WQHD?

The simple answer is that WQHD provides you with 3440 pixels of widescreen. But on the other hand, QHD provides you with 2560 pixels of widescreen. Length is the same in both technologies both give you 1440 pixels of resolution.

Is WQHD better than 4K?

4K resolution produce on the higher TV end but in QHD and WQHD time you will get 2K resolution technology. That makes around 2000 pixels of the image with clarity and deep resolution and high quality.

QHD vs WQHD-Final Thoughts

We hope you like all the information qhd vs wqhd gaming monitor unterschied on Reddit. Well, there are some differences between both. You can’t feel much difference between both. Because when ou needs a widescreen that’s a trend nowadays.

Then we recommend WQHD technology because that makes it more widescreen.

Now you need to know about monitor dual 2K qhd vs wqhd unterschied which is better for you. Because some users like QHD and others like WQHD. If you need full pixels that make better image quality then you might be thinking about QHD technology.

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