What is a Projector Hush Box? (2022)

Projector Hush Box: Well, if you have a projector that makes a fan noise while playing movies and give you irritation. Then you are in the right place. Because today we will help you to make your projector noise-free using a hush box.

What is a hush box? A hush box is a small cardboard box. That you can easily make at your home and cover your projector inside of that box. Then you can easily get your projector without making any noise from fans.

Normally projectors make fan noise when you start using them and get higher performance. Then they make some kind of noise.

What is a Projector Hush Box?

The hush box is an enclosure box. That contains several fans and makes all the area cool and takes out the hot air from the box. If you are a logged user of the projector and playing games on it. Then you need to get the hush box that makes cools your projector and also makes it noise-free.

When you start using your projector for a longer time. And also playing multiple games with a high refresh rate then it will make some fans noise to cool down the projector. That’s why when fans turn on your projector making noise all-around your house. That noise is very irritating and disturbs your gaming and movie-watching experience.

Hush Box

Why use a Hush Box for your Projector?

When you are sitting on a sofa in your nice house where you spend lots of effort and time designing a home theater using a projector. Now you turn on your projector and start watching the latest released movie in your home theater.

After some time you notice some disturbing obnoxious humming sound coming into your room.

You can figure that humming sound all around the room and finally, you figure it out. Your projector making that sound for some time you think to ignore this sound and start watching your movie.

After some time noise started heavily now you think to fixing that out but how. Now here is a hush box that comes and helps you.

If you want to control the noise that comes from your projector fans. Then you need to use the hush box. That makes less noise or ever noise-free projector. One more thing that you need to do is changes the position of the fans from your ear.

Projector Box

How do you make a Hush Box for a Projector?

Well, it’s very easy to make a hush box for your projector. But we don’t tell you how to make it from scratch. There are some important things that you need to have first brought those things that easily available in your house if not then bring from nearest store. Like a whose box, glue, foal, and others that we mention while making the hush box.

Design Box

Now we will share pictures that give you a better idea of how you can design your box. First of all, you need and box that helps you to make a design of a hush box. Then you need a cutter that helps you to cut the box from different areas.

Now you need glue to connect your box like the shape that we show you in the image. Diy Projector Draper hush box design for the ceiling.


Before making your hush box design you need to take measurements. Where you can place your projector inside of your box.  Make sure you build a box bigger than our projector that can easily adjust on your projector.

If it’s easy for you to make a box with wood. Then we suggest you bring wood pieces and make a light wood box. But if it’s not possible then you can easily use cardboard to make a hush box.

Apply Foam

The main reason for making your projector hush box is to make less noise. So, if you want to make a noiseless projector then you need to use foam in the box. Now you need to get the foam and place all the wall area of the box that makes less noise projector.

Placing Fan and Glass

First of all, we need to place your fans on the exact point. Now you need to place your projector fans in the other location from your ear. Like if you are star watching moves and the projector is available on your right side then the fans need to be available on the right side of the projector.

When you are taking measurements then you need to take measurements of your projector and where you place a glass for lighting in the wall. Your need to punch a hole from the main position where your projector has a lens to show the light on the screen. And then you can easily place the glass or lens into the box.

Buy or Build?

Well, this is the main question that comes to everyone’s mind. The simple answer is that you need to build your hush box. Because the issue is that when you go to buy a hush box then you don’t get anywhere. There are a very small amount of boxes available but they have a huge price like $500 to $2500.

So, it’s better to make your hush box easily by collecting the best tools that are recommended. We hope you can easily make the home hush box. But if you get the box online at a cheap price then it’s very good for you.

Projector Hush Box-Final Thoughts

So, here is the whole detail of what is a projector hush box and how you can make it at home. We hope you understand all the information about the box.

If you have any questions or queries about this article. Then feel free to contact us using the comment box. Where we will give you an answer and also help you to understand the box and how you can make it at home.

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