How to Watch TV on Projector (Updated 2022)

Today we are talking about How to Watch TV on Projector screen without a cable box using outside’. Well, there are so many different options for you that you can easily watch on a projector. If you want to watch movies, shows, or matches on a bigger screen then a projector is the best option for you.

Now you can easily connect with your family to set up a bigger screen and start watching TV shows and different things. But you need to know how you can do that so, today we will give you all information on how to watch live now on youtube or an antenna, cable tv on outdoor via an Epson or any other projector.

If you want to invest in a projector then it’s a good design for you to get the best option. Because if you need higher resolution with a bigger screen then you differently need to buy a projector and start watching movies or tv serials on a projector screen.

Now the latest TV, LCD LED TVs are easily compatible and easy to connect with a projector using an HDMI cable. So, can you watch tv on a projector? yes, you can watch TV on a projector.

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Can We Need Any Device for Watching TV on Projector

Well if you want to watch TV on a projector without television from Computer. Then you can easily watch tv on a projector without any problem. But you need a smart device that helps you to watch TV serials, shows, and films on a bigger screen. There are lots of different TV Boxes available on the market.

But you need to pick the best that gives you all options to watch TV with a high-quality interface. Now Full HD TVs are very expensive to buy but you can easily afford a projector that gives you multiple usability options such as full HD visibility, outdoor movie watching features, and others.

Now you can easily use your Projector to watch television without any problem. But you just need to buy a small TV Box that is not expensive. You can easily get that TV box for under 50$ that gives you all TV shows, serials, and also live films. If you don’t want to get that TV box for watching TV. Then you can easily use your smartphone and play YouTube which also provides you with all the TV shows instantly.

Watch TV on a Projector

Projector vs HDTV! Which Is Better?

Projectors and HD TV give you a movie or film-watching experience. But if you want a theater or cinematic view with a bigger screen.

Then you need to get the projector and start watching your TV on a bigger screen. HDTV also has great options and features but if you have more money then we suggest you buy.

But if you need a higher resolution with a big screen and the same advanced features. Then you need to try out a projector that gives you all features and options that you expect from an HDTV. Well, it depends on your budget and some more factors that you need to focus on. Before deciding the best option for your home.

You can easily adjust the projector anywhere like in the living room outdoor. Because projector comes with a little size that is compact for you to move anywhere without any problem. But an HDTV is huge and difficult to move around the house.

And they both provide you with the same experience of watching. But the projector gives you little better options and great resolution to watch movies.

Best For Any Space

If you are looking for the best option between projector and HDTV. Then this is one important this that comes to your mind. Space, you need to pick the best that you can easily move all around the house. TV is the best option if you have a small room where you adjust one time and start watching daily.

But if you have a bigger room and you want to get a wheel theater experience. Then we recommend you projector that you need to get and adjust in your living room.

Best Valuable


When you start buying something for yourself then cust is the major and the first option that comes to your mind. Well, everyone wants budget-friendly things to buy. If you are thinking TV in your room then you need to check multiple options.

You need the best HD quality with a better price tag. Then you will get the only option that gives you all options and features and that is a projector.

Best Size

If you need a bigger screen then you can easily buy this projector. Because the projector gives you a bigger screen than you can get a projector. There are lots of cheap projectors available that give you 60 inches screen size.

But if you need a bigger screen then you can easily get and use it from 4 feet. HDTV does not give you a bigger screen at a cheap price. But you can easily get a bigger screen like a theater with a projector.

Best Resolution

Well, the resolution is one more important thing that you differently consider before getting an HDTV or projector. Now you can easily get 4K Full HD resolution in both projector and TV. Both support 1080p resolution and give you a high-quality image.

You can watch movies and TV serials on both devices. 8K is not introduced in projector but overall projector give you a better option in low price tag so, you can easily watch your all television serials and shows on a projector.

What are the Downsides to Watching TV on Projectors

Watching TV on a projector gives you a great experience. But one thing that is most important for you and you need to consider before taking your design. When you start watching television on a projector then you consider viewing time.

Because this is one of the making and important things that you differently consider before getting a projector. Projector has a lamp or lens option but the TV uses a big screen to show you a display.

TV was created for long-time usage and daily usage that you can easily use whenever you want without any time shortage.

But when you start watching TV on a projector then you need to consider and make a daily routine. And decide some specific time to use the projector and watch television. Because the projector gives you the limitation of time. You are using a lamp on the projector that gives you limited life to watch.

There are lots of higher projectors that give you long lamp life if you are using 4 hours daily you can use up to 10 years. But some projectors give you short lamp life that is not reliable for a long time watching TV. You don’t need to worry you can easily find here the best projector that gives you long lamp life.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can you watch normal TV on a projector?

If you want to watch normal TV on a projector then you can easily use but you need a cable box. You also need an HDMI cable for connecting your projector to the TV Box.

How do I connect my TV to a projector?

You need an HDMI cable to connect your TV to a projector. There are the latest LCD TVs available in the market that give you an HDMI port sport that helps you to connect your TV to a projector.

Can you watch free to air TV on a projector?

Yes, you can easily watch free-to-air TV on a projector but you need a set-top box to connect to your projector and start watching TV shows on a projector without any problem.

How do I watch Now TV on my projector?

You can easily do that by just following these things and watching now TV on the projector. Switch on your projector. First of all Change the Source on the projector so that it is HDMI, Insert your HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the Xbox, Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the projector, Power on the Xbox, Launch the NOW TV app.

How to Watch TV on Projector-Final Thoughts

We hope you like thing information about How to Watch TV on Projector. You just need a TV Box that gives you all the TV serials and shows without any problem. Now you can easily watch television on a bigger projector screen. If you want to get a real and good experience then you can use the TV.

Because lamp life is a critical thing that annoys you in the projector when you want to sue for a long time. But in a short time, you will love the image quality of a projector and get a better experience like a home theater.

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