How To Make a Water Projection Screen (2022)

How To Make a Water Projection Screen: Well, normally people use a plasma screen for the projection of videos and images on the wall. But as you know water is another source of projection video on the screen.

As experts suggest and researchers say the water screen displays a better image and video quality with a higher resolution than the plasma screen. Building your water screen is very easy but when you first time installing. Then you will get some difficulties, troubleshooting, and errors due to differences in water pressure.

Patented outdoor water projection screen using Disney pump. Now you can easily install water-screen on larger areas in the world like parks, hotels, and parties.

How To Make a Water Projection Screen

The water wall screen projection show is a DIY and new technology from different companies. That show movie and project using leader light. Water screens can be installed anywhere on water like a lake, the ocean, or a pool.

Important Things

  1. Electric drill.
  2. Tape Measure.
  3. Thread seal tape.
  4. Permanent marker.
  5. T for steel couplers.
  6. Fountain Water Pumps.
  7. PVC pipes threaded on the ends.
  8. Steel pipes with threaded ends (one cut with a 1/2 inch slit down the length of it).

Make Water Screen

Now first of all take PVC pipe and make a small dot using a permanent marker from every 1/4 inches for that you need to get tape for measuring. All the dots are should be as state line as possible. Then take an electric drill and drill small holes where you point using a permanent marker.

Make sure to drill the holes from the exact point where you point dots. To allow the proper droplets to flow through the water curtain. Now contact the PVC pipe into 1 to 2 inches in the steel pipe and take the whole on the up position.

For supporting the water screen connect all the steel pipes using a T connector. Screw the other two T joint couplers into the end of support. You are using steel pipes for supporting the main PVC pipe.

Here is the main thing that you need to do for the final thing. Now connect one side of the pipe from the PVC pipe and connect the other side of the pipe to the function pump. Stand the water screen frame-up that you make right now.

Connect the pump with a water connection and also connect the pump with electricity and start it. Now you can easily adjust the pressure of water using a pump. Make an exact Waterfall to avoid water from becoming mist the projection screen cost is less than a plasma screen.

How Does a Water Screen Work?

If you want to make a bigger water-screen then you need to require up to 1000 liters of water per minute. To allow lights for on water flow. And the other main thing is to set up the screen near the water source. For making a bigger screen you need lots of water.

So, our suggestion is to pace the screen near the lake, river, or even sea. Yes! it would be true to say that higher water flows to make a water-screen.


The water screens are mostly used in big pasties, event planning, and marketing companies. That makes unique ideas and designs for their users. The bigger screen makes their water-screen outstanding. The main important thing that big combines need to attract more people to have some fun.

This idea is to make them very product launches, events, promotions, and marketing. The water screen looked better than the normal screen because the water screen looked more unique and better for all users.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Some users have questions about How To Make a Water Projection Screen. Then we will give you answers to all your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you required and need to know.

How do you make a water screen?

It's very easy to make a water screen you just need some tools and important things to make a water screen. All the important things that you need and how you can make a water screen we will tell you in detail in this article.

can a projector screen get wet?

Yes, sometimes when you use water near the screen. But if you are making a water screen then you need to get a higher water pressure to maintain the image perfectly on the screen.

How does a water screen work?

It works using laser light. Like if you have a projector you need to make images or videos on water. Just make a water screen using our guide and then you need to turn on your projector and throw the light of the projector on the water screen.

How To Make a Water Projection Screen-Final Thoughts

Here are all details on how you can easily make a water screen without any problem. As you know the water screen is better than the normal screen that you already use in your daily life. Because in the water screen you will get clear image with high resolution.

But if you want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on a normal screen.

Then you don’t get higher resolution and features. But if you get higher resolution on a water-screen. Then it’s very difficult to make a water screen. Because you need some important things to make water-screen. But on the other hand, the normal screen is easily available on amazon.

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