How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers (2022)

How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers: Every projector comes with unique options and ports that you can use and connect to your smart devices. But when you think about sound systems or speakers. Then some projectors give you inbuilt HiFi stereo speakers systems.

That you can easily use without connecting external speakers. You just need to place those projectors and start watching your favorite movies. Don’t need to worry about speakers because you’ll get the best quality speakers that produce amazing sound quality.

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How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers

If you want to get sound from your projector to speakers. Then you need to follow some steps that help you to get amazing sound from the speakers. First of all, you need to find the best working speakers in your home.

Now there are some different types of connections are available between speakers and projectors. So, you need to know all of them but now we will give you a quick look at most usage types.

1. Turn Off Both Devices

Now here is the first method that you need to do and that is to turn off both devices like projector and speakers. Because when you start connecting your speakers to your projector. Then you need to turn off them because sometimes they give you a small shock. When you want to connect using a cable. So, safety is no one priority.

2. Check Your Components

You need to check the components that you have for connecting your projector with external speakers. But if you are still struggling to find the best speaker then check out here. There are two main options because some people use spirit boxes to connect extra devices with their projector.

Connect External Speakers

Because sometimes projector gives you only three ports and if you have multiple devices to connect with your projector. Then you need to get the connection box that gives you multiple ports connecting option.

If your projector has the option of a port you can easily connect external speakers with your projector and start watching your movies and videos.

3. Connect Audio Cable

On the back of your projector, you will get some audio ports where you can place audio input and output cables. Now you need to identify which one you need to connect speakers.

You need to put the cable of your speakers into the audio output option. Then you can easily get sound on your speakers.

4. Final Part

All steps are done now you need to turn on your projector and also your speakers. After that, you need to check the sound if your speakers produce sound while playing the projector. Then it’s a great job you did it.

But if you don’t get sound then you need to turn off all things and replace the speaker’s cable and use any other audio jack from your projector. then you will get amazing sound from the speakers.

Types of Speakers’ Connection

There are lots of different types of connectivity options available for you that you can easily use without any problem. You need to know all of them that we mention below and how you can connect your speakers with your projector using all methods.

RCA Connectors

RCA is an old connector but if you have an old projector that supports RCA connectivity. Then you need to use three audio and video cables that help you to connect your speaker with your projector without any problem.

Stereo Audio Jack

Well, the audio jack is the most common thing that everyone uses for connecting their speakers with a projector. For this, you only need an aux cable for connecting your projectors with your projector. And you can easily connect your speakers without any problem because everyone knows how to connect using an aux cable.


If your projector has optical or TOSLINK then it’s super easy for you to connect the soundbar with your projector and now you will get better sound quality than a normal RAC and others.

A/V receiver

AV is another option for you if you don’t have external speakers but you still want to get sound. Then you can use AV and connect any other device that produces sound. Like you can use your smartphone and connect with your projector you can get better sound quality.

Wireless Bluetooth

The wireless is one of the best and easiest setups for everyone. Wireless nor only some for smartphones. You can also use it with other smart devices. If you want to connect speakers with your projector then you need to use Bluetooth or a wireless connectivity protector that we already review here.

You just need to turn on the Bluetooth of both devices like your speakers and also on your projector and they will automatically be paired.

If you need to quickly connect then you can use your projector setting option where you will get the Bluetooth option. Where you can easily find your external speakers’ Bluetooth name and connect with your projector.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers? then we will give you answers to all your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you required and need to know.

Is the projector producing audio?

There are lots of new projectors are available in the market that produces audio. Some are better than normal speakers like you don't need external speakers when you use internal speakers that new projectors give you inbuilt. They are normally the same in price as you will get the normal without speakers projectors.

Can I connect speakers to my projector?

The simple answer is YES! you can easily connect your speaker with a projector but you need to know which connectivity your Projector support. Sometimes projector supports wireless connectivity then you can easily connect your wireless speakers. But sometimes your projector doesn't support wireless then you need to connect them using an aux cable.

Can you hear other audio through the external speakers?

Yes! You can hear the audio from external speakers when you start using your projector and connect your external speakers. Because sometimes you don't get internal speakers in your projector or ever you will get speakers but they are not well in quality.

How do you connect your phone to a projector?

It's very easy to connect your phone to a projector you just need normal data sharing or charging cable for your smartphone and connect to your projector there are multiple connection options are available in the projector you can easily connect your phone to your projector.

How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers-Final Thoughts

Here is all information on how you can connect your soundbar or speakers with your projector. All options are very great for you but normally people use an aux cable for connecting external speakers.

But the easiest and most effective method is to connect using Bluetooth or wireless connectivity option. Now you can easily use your speakers with a projector using wireless connectivity.

We hope you like this information and you can connect your speakers with a projector yes then great. But if you are still struggling with how you can connect then feel free to contact us using the comment box. Where we will give you answer to your questions.

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