How To Connect Tablet To Projector Wirelessly?

How To Connect Tablet To Projector Wirelessly? Streaming movies and videos online is an essential thing for most users. If you want to get fun on a bigger screen. And also you have only one Netflix account on your Tablet. Then you don’t need to worry about it because you can connect your tablet to a projector and display Netflix on a big screen for your whole family.

Most people like making a cinema at home at a cheap price. So, the projector is the best method for you to make a home projector. Today we will take you to the guide about how you can connect the tablet to a projector using a wireless connection. Lots of people looking for this answer on the internet.

How To Connect Tablet To Projector Wirelessly?

So, first of all, you need to know about the wireless connection. Then you need to know how you can easily connect both tablet and projector. Lots of people have proejctors and tablets and they don’t want to connect both of them using a cable and place tablets near the projector.

Because as you know when you are watching movies and videos online streaming with your family. Then you need to have your tablet in your hand to operate it. You will also have a projector remote control to control everything.

But if you need your tablet to control movies and videos for change without moving your place. Then the wireless connection is the best option for you. But how you can do that? Let’s take a look!

Wireless Connections

When you want to display your Tablet device on a bigger screen using wireless broadcasting. You can easily mirror your tablet to your projector using phone mirroring software.

Normally people required applications to start a wireless connection to their projectors. And some higher brands give you their personal-made application or software if you want to connect your laptop or computer to the projector.

You can easily download these applications and software from the official projector brand’s website or even there are lots of amazing applications for phone mirroring with projector apps available on the google play store you can find out them.

Chromecast Through Google Home Application

The second step for you is to connect your projector using a Chromecast device. If you don’t know that some proejctors don’t come with wireless or WiFi option.

So, at that time you need to utilize the Chromecast device. This is a small device like a USB, that allows you to projector any wireless thing within your projector with one click.

You can share your tablet screen on the whole bigger display on a projector. It’s very easy to connect your table smartphone and other devices with a projector using Chromecast. You need to follow some steps.

  • Plug your Chromecast into your projector’s HDMI port. It will automatically take power from your USB supply.
  • Turn on your projector, go to the input setting and choose the HDMI connection.
  • Now the next step is to download and install the Google home on your tablet to set up the Chromecast device on your tablet.
  • Create a new account or log in to your existing account. Connect your Chromecast to your local WiFi Network using your tablet.
  • Now you need to look at the mirror device option available on your tablet and tap on the cast screen option.

Now here are the all steps that you need to connect your wireless connection using Chromecast with your projector. You can easily find Chromecast at a cheaper price and make this great wireless connection with your tablet.


Wifi Display Dongle Using Miracast

Miracast is a simple device that much similar to the Chromecast. That helps you to mirror your tablet or smartphone device with your projector. This is one of the normal and easy ways to connect your tablet with a projector wirelessly.

Now you don’t need any cable to connect your tablet to the projector. Because if you have Miracast that helps you to connect with your devices. Let’s connect with the projector step by step.

  •  First of all Plug the Miracast device with your projector using the HDMI port.
  • Then plug the power cord into the projector’s USB port for giving power.
  • Go to the network setting available in your tablet’s setting. And tap on the Miracast device option showing you on your tablet. (If you don’t show any Miracast option then check the connection to the projector.)

How to Connect Samsung Tablet to a VGA Projector Wirelessly?

Well, if you have a projector that supports a Wireless connection. Then it’s very easy to connect your projector with your Samsung or even any other tablet. You just need to use any mirroring application that helps you to share your tablet videos to the projector screen.

Now you can easily share your tablet videos to the projector. You just need to download the application that shares the tablet screen. There are lots of applications are available in the Play store. If you have any brand projector then you should download the recommended application.

That is every time available on the manual guide. Or even you can find out from their official website. Like Epson’s official site provide their application that helps you to connect your tablet wirelessly with your projector.

Wire Connection

If your projector or tablet gives some issues with the wireless connection. Then you need a wire connection, Because after giving two making wireless connection option. You will get only one option and that is a wired connection.

Then you need to use any type of wire that link the video to your projector. Make sure your projector support that wire to share your tablet video to your projector.

What are The Methods for Connection Projector using Wire?

There are lots of different methods available that give you connectivity options. When you want to connect your Tablet with a projector. Then you need to allow hard-wired video connectivity. Well, most projectors give you an in-build HDMI port.

When the problem arrives then you know that your tablet does not give you an HDMI port for connecting with the projector. But you don’t need to worry about it because when you need to connect your tablet with a projector then you need an adopter that helps you.

If your tablet has a USB type C port, then you need to use a Type c to HDMI adopter. That helps you to connect with your projector. There are lots of adapters available in the market. But first of all, you need to check the port then your tablet, and your projector support.

Because when your projector supports a VGA port and you buy an HDMI adopter. Then you need to buy another adapter. So, it’s better to check first and then buy the adopter that helps you to connect both devices. Follow the steps to connect your tablet with a projector.

  • Check the ports that you need for your projector and also for your Tablet.
  • Then connect the type c cable to the tablet port and on the other side connect the HDMI cable to the projector HDMI port.
  • Then turn on your projector and you will automatically see the tablet screen on your projector screen.

If your projector is still not connected to your tablet then you need to check the ports from both sides and connect them tightly.

How To Mirror Tablet to Projector?

If you are using an Epson projector then it’s very easy to for you mirror your Tablet with the projector. Follow the steps.

  • Click the input button on your projector using the remote control.
  • If your projector doesn’t have a remote control. Then use the pop-up button, setting where you will get the Screen Mirroring option available for you to connect them.
  • Now start pairing your projector with your tablet using the pair option available in the setting on your projector.
  • Once you will get a fully connected option on both devices like Tablet and a projector. Then it’s time to enjoy watching movies and videos on a bigger screen.

This is the best and easy method for you when you want an instant connection between both tablet and projector.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about How To Connect Tablet To Projector Wirelessly? Then we will give you answers to all your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you required and need to know.

Can you connect a tablet to a projector?

The simple answer is yes! You can easily connect your tablet to a projector. There are some different methods available for you to connect your projector with the tablet. Most people like to connect their tablets with a projector using the wireless connectivity option.

How do I connect my tablet to a WiFi projector?

If your projector has a wireless connectivity option. Then it's better for you but if your projector doesn't support wireless connectivity. Then you can easily use Chromecast and connect your projector with your Tablet. Just download the application for phone mirroring on your tablet and connect your projector with your tablet.

Can you connect to a Projector Wirelessly

The simple answer is Yes! you can easily connect your projector to any devices that you have wirelessly. There are lots of options for you but the best and easy method is to use Chromecast and make your protector wireless then download software or application on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Then connect them wirelessly.

How To Connect Tablet To Projector Wirelessly?-Conclusion

We hope you like all information about how you can connect your projector with your tablet. Now you don’t need any wire for connecting your projector with the tablet. But if in case you will get some issues with your projector for wireless connection. Then you can use a cable or adopter for connecting both devices.

We will give you all the detailed information bout connecting the projector with the tablet. If you have an android or apple tablet then you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily connect both using these methods that we will share with you above.

Now you can watch movies and videos and also live application streams on a bigger screen of your projector. You just need a connection between both the projector and tablet. For a quick guide, you just need a Chromecast or Miracast device to connect one of them to your projector. Then you can easily find a wireless connection in your tablet to connect wirelessly.

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