How to Connect Firestick to Projector? (2022)

00How to Connect Firestick to Projector: When you set up a home theater and prepare to start streaming your favorite movie with your friends and also with family members. You might be wondering which is the best movie streaming service or device that you need to use for online movies.

If you have an amazon fire stick and you don’t know how yo can connect your fire stick with the projector. Then in this article, we will give you detailed information and option on how to connect the firestick remote to an old qkk mini pvo projector. If you have a new projector then you can also connect.

Top Projectors for Amazon FireStick.

How to Connect Firestick to Projector

Well, if you don’t know then there is a piece of simple two-step information that helps you to connect amazon firestick with your projector. You just need to follow the information that we will provide you and easily connect your projector with a firestick.

  1. First of all, you need to plug the Fire TV Stick into the projector’s HDMI input
  2. Turn on the projector and connect the Fire TV Stick with Bluetooth Speakers, a receiver, or any other audio-producing device that you want. You can also connect your speakers wireless if your speakers support as well as your projector support.

Well, the main problem that you need to face is as you read get the whole information to connect Fire Stick. You need to take signals from the fire stick that carries the audio and also the video signals. This is a great option and example of making a home theater using the amazon device Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Well, first of all, you need to buy an amazing Fire TV Stick that helps you stream online the latest movies and videos.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

As you know there are lots of different options are available with Fire TV Stick, So you need to pick the real model and the original Stick. That gives you movie streaming features.

We will give you a Fire Stick device so, now you don’t need to find a Stick device anywhere. Because you can easily buy from the link that we will provide you above.

It will give you the option to play media in HD quality now you have to connect with a projector that is compatible with this device and display the great type of sound and also image on the screen. If your projector can’t support HD then you don’t need to worry about anything.

Because you are still able to connect your projector with a TV Stick. But now you need to find that your projector is compatible with Dolby Atmos surround sound effects. IF yes then you need to buy Amazon Fire TV Stick with Dolby Atmos. This device is not too expensive to buy but the features are very amazing for your projector.

Check HDMI Compatibility

Now if you want to know how to connect to amazon fire tv stick to BenQ, Epson RCA projector, and surround sound. Then you need to know if your projector has HDMI compatibility. Almost every single projector gives you an HDMI connection.

But if in your case don’t have an HDMI port then you can easily use a connector or any other cable that helps you to connect with a projector.

Use Wireless HDMI Kit


If you have a projector then you can easily connect wirelessly with an HDMI kit. You can easily use this wireless HDMI kit that allows you to connect with the Amazon Fire TV Stick and watch your favorite movies. If you want to know the best wireless HDMI kit then you can easily place it anywhere and connect without wire like the best GWHDKIT11 available on Amazon that gives you 4K signals to connect with a movie streaming device.

How to Connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick to a Projector without HDMI

Well, if you want to connect Amazon Fire TV Stick with your projector without an HDMI cable. Then you have an amazing option to connect that we already give you above. You can easily use a wireless connection to connect your Fire Stick with a projector.

Now you will get unlimited movies watching experience on this amazing device that you connect with your projector.

HDMI Converter


You have another amazing option to connect your device with a projector. Just need to buy an HDMI converter. As you know old projector does not give you an HDMI port option. So, for that, you need to buy a converter for HDMI.

That can easily connect with your projector and another side will connect with the Amazon Fire TV Stick to show movies. Buy a VGA adopter that helps you to connect your projector with Fire Stick.

How to Connect Firestick to Projector-Final Thoughts

Now here is all the information and details about how you can connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick with a projector. That allows you to watch the latest movies like streaming and lots of other options that are available in the world.

You can easily stream Netflix and other online applications that give you live videos and movie-watching features.

There are lots of options available for you that you never get on other devices like chrome cast and more. But in this Fire TV Stick device, you will get amazing options with live latest movies.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article or if you still struggling with how to connect Fire Stick with a projector then comment on us we will help you further.

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