Epson 4010 vs 5040 Full Comparison (Updated 2022)

Today we will give you a quick comparison of Epson 4010 vs 5040 projectors. They both come with HD high-quality resolutions with 4K support.

Well, these days projectors are very useful for all of us. Because if you are going to any office meeting that you can use a projector to give you big visuals to your team members. That everyone can easily understand your point of view and that you want to show them.

It can also display a bigger screen to view multiple people who are available in your office and also these projectors usable in churches.

Side by Side Comparison
NameEpson 4010Epson 5040
Weight24.30 lbs24.3 lbs
Wattage250 W250 W
Brightness2400 ANSI Lumen2500 ANSI Lumen
Contrast Ratio200,000:1 1,000,000:1
Color Accurate1 Chip Rec. 709Rec. 709
Built-in SpeakerNoNo
3D-Supported 3D Mode 3D Mode
ConnectorHDMI, Mini USB,
LAN, D-Sub 15 pin, 3.5mm
Audio Jack, and USB.
LAN, D-Sub 15 pin, 3.5mm
Audio Jack, and USB.

Epson 4010 Best Home Cinema Projector Review

Epson 4010

Epson 4010 is an amazing projector with a firmware update, spec, Dimensions, input lag, and Audio Out review. Epson is a great projector brand that gives you all amazing projectors. If you want a reliable projector then you can easily check this projector.

In this projector, you will get 4K PRO UHD resolution with premium options.

Epson is a great projector brand that gives you all amazing projectors. If you want a reliable projector then you can easily check this projector. In this projector, you will get 4K PRO UHD resolution with premium options. It will show you all DCI color space with multiple advanced mode options available in this projector.

Now you will get 3LCD technology to display a 100% RGB color signal for every frame that you want to show on the screen. This projector of 4010 gives you great color accuracy that’s why this is very famous in color options.

If you need an amazing color projector that shows great accurate picture quality then you can try this as your home theater.

Now you can enjoy 4K resolution processing in this advanced projector with high-definition LCD chips to process millions of pixels on one frame. This 4K technology enhances your experience with this advanced-level projector.

Resolution is everything that you need in your projector in this 4010 you will get 1920 x 1080p resolution to get an amazing bigger image.

This projector supports 3D visuals on the big screen with ultra HD resolution. Digital imaging technology gives you real-time 12-bit analog to digital video streaming with ultra-smooth.

In the essence of brightness, this projector offers you 2400 ANSI lumens of brightness that you can easily use in low light or indoor conditions.

But the image quality is sharper than the other 5040. This extreme color performance is 50% wider than typical 1 chip Rec.709 projectors that allow you to watch truly professional-level color accuracy. This 4K PRO UHD resolution projector gives you high-quality brightness of 2400 lumens. But that does not give you a daylight viewing feature.

Both projectors for low light or indoor usage give you amazing image quality while using indoor conditions. Enjoy a dynamic 200,000:1 image contrast ratio that improves your image quality to a greater level. Epson provides you with a precision lens to preview a bigger and clear image view on the screen.

HDR support is also available in this project with a full 10-bit option. In this projector, you don’t get real-time HDR adjustment and also you don’t get HLG support, a built-in speaker, and built-in Bluetooth. So, you need to connect all devices using HDMI and other ports that are available in this projector.

  • 1080p UHD 3D visuals.
  • 200,000:1 Image Contrast Ratio.
  • True 3 Chip Design.
  • Full DCI P3 Color Technology.
  • Remote Control with AA batteries.
  • Lenses utilize a proprietary 15 element precision glass structure.
  • Not Fully 4K.
  • Not for Daylight.

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Epson 5040 Best 4K Projector

Epson 5040

The Epson 5040UB is an amazing and high-quality resolution projector that gives you a 4K Pro UHD display to watch better videos. This is a high-quality 4K technology projector that enhances your experience to watch movies and videos.

Now you will get 250-0 ANSI lumens of brightness that give you better visuals in low light conditions.

If you want a daylight condition projector both projectors give you a low light accessibility option only. 3LCD home theater experience in this projector with ultra 4K visibility feature. You can also enjoy the DCI-P3 color gamut with an ultra-widescreen.

One extra high-quality option that you will get in this 5040 is up to a 1,000,000:1 image contrast ratio that gives you more bright and clear image quality.

But 4010 projector gives you a 200,000:1 image contrast ratio which is lower than this 5040 projector. In this Epson 5040, you will get great color accuracy with high bright image quality. HDR10 high dynamic range and ultra-black contrast feature with a full 10-bit color output option.

It can deliver 100 percent of the 3-dimensional DCI P3 color gamut with digital cinema standards. You will get 50 percent wider colors than Rec.709. Now you can use this bright projector in your room with ambient lights because this will give you 2500 ANSI lumens of brightness.

4K ultra HD technology 4Ke shifts each pixel diagonally to double with Full HD in 3D mode. Powered focus, zoom lens shift option with delta level color accuracy image interpolation. This projector gives you multiple device connectivity options using these ports HDMI, HDCP 2.2, HDCP 1.4, USB type A, LAN (RJ-45), RS-232c, and AV options.

Now you can connect tablets, Smartphones, laptops, PC, Gaming Console, Digital cameras, Apple TV, Roku, Cable Box, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and other devices. With the box of this projector, you will get a projector, manual, remote control, power cable, and 2x HDMI cable clamps.

You can enhance image quality with a bigger screen size up to 120 inches from 20 feet away from the screen. Ans minimum you need to adjust is 80 inches screen.

  • 4K Enhancement Technology.
  • Brightness Higher than 4010.
  • Better Color Accuracy with 3LCD Technology.
  • 1,000,000:1 Images Contrast Ratio more then 4010.
  • Input Lag is not for gamers.
  • Not for Daylight Condition.

Best Buyer Guide Epson 4010 vs 5040

Well, in this buying guide we will discuss some important features about these Epson 4010 vs 5040. That you need to know before buying one of them. Which is best for you that you can easily choose without any problem.


Both Epson 4010 vs 5040 come with the same brand. This Epson gives you amazing projectors to watch your favorite movies on a bigger screen. Some projectors give you similar features and performance. But one feature that them higher sales and important. If you need to know which feature gives you benefit from another.

Then you need to check all features of both projectors. Then you can easily realize the features and options that both projectors offer you. Both projectors come with the same brand Epson which gives you a higher resolution with great quality projectors.


Resolution is one important and main part of the projector. Because then you know how amazing a projector performer is. Epson 4010 vs 5040 both come with high-quality 4k resolution. But 5040 is truly a 4K projector that I’ve you 1920 X 1080p resolution.

In 4010 you will get some lag not fully 4K option 4010. If you are looking for a fully 4K high-quality resolution projector then you go for 5040. In this comparison 5040 is a winner that gives you a fully 4K resolution with a high-quality image.


If you need a bright projector that gives you a high-quality image in daylight conditions. Then you need to pick any other projector that gives you 3500 ANSI lumens or above.  Because they both projectors gove you under 3500 Lumens of brightness. In 4010 you will get 2400 ANSI lumens of brightness.

That is easily viewable in low light conditions or dark conditions. But in 5040 you will get 2500 ANSI lumens of brightness that give you better brightness quality in ambient lighting. You will get a better brightness experience in this 5040 projector. Second-time 5040 is our winner in brightness.

3D Dynamic Video

3D dynamic video experience gives you better movie-watching quality. Bother projector offers you a higher and deep 3D dynamic video watching experience. Now both projectors 4010 and 5040 offer you automatically recognize any 3D signals with a dynamic option. But 4010 is performing a little bitter than the 5040 projectors so this time 4010 is a winner that gives you 3D dynamic video quality.

Enhance Technology

Well you know both projectors give you 4K resolution to watch movies and videos on a bigger screen. But only 5040 gives you 4K enhanced technology which makes a better and high-quality image on the screen. That other projector does not provide you with this price tag. If you need a 4K enhanced technology feature to get better and clear image quality then you need to try Epson 5040 to get an amazing experience.

What is the Difference Between the Epson HC4010 and HC5040UB?

As stated in a previous article, the Epson Home Cinema 4010 and 5040UB have great features. The 2.1x Ultra Short Throw Image Shine lens is made with precision craftsmanship, a key component to both projectors’ longevity. For those who are unfamiliar with this technology.

The Advanced Iris System powered by a motorized Lens Memory Device allows projected image magnification to be adjusted automatically, responding instantaneously to darkened room lighting conditions while maintaining superb color accuracy and clarity regardless of how far one moves from the projector. Both projectors may not have built-in Amazon Alexa.

however, they boast an infra-red IR blaster for wireless headphones and volume control alike, as well as wireless HDMI connectivity for streaming select content from compatible mobile devices. The projector features powered lens functions including long-range lens shift and 10 lens position memories for use with constant image height (CIH) widescreen installs a dynamic iris to help boost contrast performance in dark scenes.

And 1080p 3D playback. It has just one photo illustrating similar products – both projectors have white housing so I used one picture of the white model to represent them all.

Epson HC4010 vs Epson HC5040UB: Contrast & Black Level

Evan concluded that the HC5040UB was about equal to the HC4000 in terms of contrast but it did present deeper blacks when placed in a dark environment. He noticed how the more he watched content on his projector the more he could notice them.

And how watching in a better environment will allow him to see this improvement when compared to noticing them when placed in a lit room where almost all projectors may appear off to try and mask their low levels of perceived contrast.

In my previous 4K projector review, I talked about some modest improvements in black level and perceived contrast over the previous generation 1D model.

Epson claims they’ve improved shadow detail, which is a vague marketing term that seems to boil down to increased rated contrast on paper, even though the measurements show less native brightness range.

But after spending some time evaluating the two projectors side by side with a wide variety of material, it’s safe to say there’s no real-world difference in how these models perform.

Epson HC 4010 vs Epson HC5040UB: Resolution & Detail

Philips bought Epson back in 2015 and, as part of its acquisition of the sub-$1000 projector giant’s smaller companies, has taken over management and operation of what is now called Philips Lumigoid. This includes various products that were under development before the acquisition more than two years ago.

Of these new products introduced by Philips Lumigoid during 2016, one is selling under the name ProUHD while another is being marketed to businesses. These are both expected to be available through some online dealers who handle the company’s home-theatre projectors, but they supposedly will not be sold through typical consumer electronics retailers.

Additionally, this and previous generations of Epson’s pixel-shifting solution utilize a degree of image processing to enhance contrast characteristics. Some of this processing may be handled differently in this new version, though both systems appear to behave similarly in use.

When looking at a sharpness test pattern with the 4K Enhancement function turned on, as you move up the range from Preset 1 least enhancement to Preset 5 most enhancement, it has the effect of adding white halos to horizontal and vertical black lines.

Essentially, this is classic edge enhancement. The first two 4K Enhancement settings add a little halo to the lines on the pattern but do noticeably crisp up the image. However, Epson uses Preset 2 as its default in most of the preferred color modes.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here are some questions that you are finding on the web. We also add the most important question that you need to know about Epson 4010 vs 5040.

Why do you need to choose Epson 4010?

Some reasons are why you can choose this Epson 4010 projector. Better HDR and equipped with high-quality energy to give you a better experience. The ultra-wide lens shows you bigger and wider images on the screen. If you need a bigger image with wide-angle options. Then you can easily choose this projector for your daily usage. You can also get an amazing experience on this projector to easily navigate and use a remote control system to control from distance.

Why do you need to choose Epson 5040?

There are multiple reasons for picking this projector of 5040 Epson. Because now in this projector you will get ultra HD resolution with high-quality brightness. But more or less both Epson 4010 and 5040 have similar designs and give you 4K support. An important part of this 5040 projector you will get multiple features and also come in your budget. We will recommend this projector of Epson 5040 tog et high-quality options with low budget.

Which one is better in, Epson 4010 Vs 5040?

Both projectors give you the same features and come with the same brand. But 5040 solid performer better than Epson 4010. Because they why you can get multiple advanced features like a better image contrast ratio than 4010. And high-quality image with the more bright option than 4010. If we will give you suggestions to get one of them then you differently recommend you Epson 5040.

How much Brightness a person may need?

If you talk about normal usage then 2400 ANSI lumens of brightness is better for all users. But if you want to use the projector in daylight conditions. Minimum 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness need for that purpose. You can easily use under 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness in low light conditions even in ambient lighting conditions. That will be the perfect choice for you to use a low brightness projector in low light conditions.

Does Epson 4010 have sound?

The Epson 4010 is high quality 4K projector that gives you an HDMI port to connect external speaker. But not give you an internal speaker option. If you need to listen to the sound. Then you need to external sound option using speakers.

Epson 4010 vs 5040-Final Thoughts

The Epson 4010 and 5040 bother comes with amazing 4K FHD resolution with 3LCD technology to produce a great image. Both projectors have amazing color accuracy and give you outclass experience to watch movies and videos on a big screen with your family. But in clear words, 5040 is the winner. Why? Because you will get all the advanced options and features.

In this projector like 4K enhance technology high-quality brightness and also resolution is one of the main factors. If you are looking for a high-quality resolution projector then we recommend you get 5040. Because that gives you great image quality with a 1,000,000:1 image contrast ratio that gives you a clear image.

We hope you like our review about bother Epson 4010 and 5040 projectors. If you have any suggestions related to their projectors & if we miss some features of these projectors then comment below. Share this informative article with your friends who want to pick between 4010 and 5040.

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