Curved Projector Screen vs Flat: Which One Better?

Curved Projector Screen vs Flat: Well, you might be confused between both flat and curved projector screens for your home cinema or gaming room. Each of them has different great options and some cons. So, now we will talk about both in detail Which should you buy and also the difference between both projector screens.

There are different options and features available on both screens that you must like. Whenever you want to buy a projector screen then these two options come in front of you. This is the preeminent technology and design of curved protector screens. The design for each customer gets different vibes.

When you will get the technology that is used in the covered projector. Then you will get a higher future that this new technology provides you. There are lots of people who love flat screens. Because that gives you a clean and high-quality screen without any problem.

But on a curved screen, you will get new advanced technology that makes a new gaming experience for you. Let’s talk about both one by one!

Flat Projector Screens

Flat Projector Screen

The flat projector screen is a more popular type of projector screen. The popularity of these screen types is they are available in the world. You can easily find out the best flat screen on the market without any problem. Also, you can easily set up these types of screens at your home without any effort.

You can also learn all details about this flat screen in this article. That gives you a better idea about the better things and non-better things about this screen type. If you want to set up this screen on your wall you can easily do that without any problem. Because it will give you a very simple design and ease of use and make your projector screen more profitable.

This screen always fit your need you will have no trouble with this type of flat screen for your projector. You can easily find out and place this screen in your home without any problem. It will vie you different size options. Also, most people want different size screens for their projector for projection on the wall.

How To Keep A Projector Screen Flat?

When you want to make a flat projector screen. Then it’s very easy for everyone you just need to keep the screen as flat as you can. The best way to archive this target is to add some tension on the edges of the screen that you are making flat.

There are also other options available you just need to make while wall as a projector screen. But make sure the wall is fully flat not humps in the wall. That makes a shaky image or blurry image. If you are using a flat white cloth then stretch from both up and downside.

Flat Screen Pros

It’s very easy to sue and place anywhere that you want without any problem. Provide you an amazing experience with Minimum eye strain that protect your eyes from blue light. Enhance your experience while watching videos on flat-screen. Also, get experience with 3D videos and movies while using 3D glasses.

Curved Projector Screens

Curved Projector Screen

Curved projector screens are not very popular in the world. Because they provide a more interesting viewing technology to its users. The curved projector screens are called the pincushion effect that displays on the rounded screen. All the elements that you saw on the curved screen are more vibrating and clear.

When you project an image in the 2,35:1 aspect ratio like in wide-angle. Then the edges of the image that display on the screen will become distorted. If you are using a low-power projector for projection on the curved projector screen. Then the edges on the display will not provide image details they look darker than the image.

Because the edges of the projector screen are so far away from the lens that may cause darkness or not focus image from the edges. The curved projector screen is designed for giving you better performance. These projector screens bring all the corners closer to the projector lens.

The elements allow the light and lens to spread focus out on your projector screen. When you need more great full effect from a curved projector screen then it has become something to make more grateful. You can use element effects that cannot be obtained with a flat-screen.

Can I Use a Curved Screen with My Projector?

When you want to buy the best screen for your projector. Then you need to know is this screen suite with my projector. Is it good for my projector? Not all projectors can work with a curved screen. Because these screens are wider-angle than the normal proejctors screens that available in the market.

They provide you 2.35″1 aspect ratio wide-angle image that is best for gaming users who need to get a grateful new experience of amazing technology. You might find the new screen with the 16:9 aspect ratio that makes great quality pictures. Now there is a 16:10 aspect ratio screen available but these are more expensive than others.

If you want a great viewing experience then compared the flat screen with this you might get some high-quality options in this curved screen. Because these screens are usually wider than normal projectors screen. And as you know most projector, Laptop, and computer screen comes with the latest 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

There are a few options and setups that you need to do for making your cheaper projector work with a curved screen. When you apply the setups to make your projector compatible with a curved screen. Then you feel some difference between the projector and curved side angle screen.

How To Make A Curved Projector Screen?

Well, buying a curved projector screen is not easy because when you are looking for a flat-screen. Then there are lots of options available in the market and also you can easily find out the best flat screen in the market. There are not many options available for different aspect ratios on curved screens.

Because there is normally a wide-angle screen available in curved screen. You need to build your curved projector screen. It’s very similar to building a flat-screen at home. One of the best ways to build the best-curved projector screen at home you need to use flexible plywood or hardboard.

Use this method to build your one curved projector screen. You must need to add cracks behind the screen to give better support. When the brackets are protruding farther from the wall. The curved screen becomes bigger as you want when you use breakers.

You can easily adjust differently. But it’s better to adjust in one position for a long time when you want to watch your favorite movies or videos on a curved projector screen. curved vs flat monitor, tv, or projector screens display.

Crop and Warp

When your projector doesn’t project wide enough images. Then you need to have the option to crop the image that can easily fit your screen. If you want an inexpensive way to projector the widescreen. Then this is the best method for you to work with the screen.

Well, this is the most popular media player that gives you the option to adjust the aspect ratio of the media player that you are using to view the screen. If you will not get a better result.

Then you need to use software that will crop the image for displaying on the screen. Theater curved work with projector screen effect. A curved screen vs. a flat phone screen both give you the same creating features.

Cropping the image for a wider display is not going to solve your problem completely. Because you might notice that the image spills at the top and bottom because of the curve of the screen. For fixing this you need to install the wrap software that gives you better projector designs to apply the great quality image on the screen.

You can also check out the other software that allows you to wrap the image for your projector screen. There are lots of amazing wrapping software available in the world that allow you to wrap the image for your projector screen. That also adjusts all edges and corners of your image so that it fits into your curved projector screen.

Pros of Curved Monitor

There are some pros of a curved Monitor screen that allow you to use it. The effect will be eliminated by bringing the edges too close to the lens of your projector. The image of the curved-screen display remains fully focused on the display. It will protect your eye with a new eye protection technology used in this curved screen.

Very easy to watch movies and play games mostly for gaming lovers. You can enjoy this for a long time without any problem or discomfort. You don’t need to use 3D glasses because this curved projector screen offers you a 3D viewing experience.

In these types of screens, you will get some special type of features handy while playing games with a 3D experience. That most of the time you need to use 3D glasses for that.

But these types of screens allow you to watch 3D videos without using 3D glasses. There are lots of other options that you will get their placements if so easy for all users.

Curved Projector Screen vs Flat – Which One You Choose?

There are some different options and features that you need to know before buying a projector screen. We will discuss one by one that help you to pick the best option for you. As we already know a curved screen is a new entrant in the market. But on the other hand flat screens are so common in the market. Let’s talk about both features in detail.


Troubleshooting is the main thing that you need to know and that happens when the images get a bit off or when you try to project an image on the projector screen and lacks a standard ratio.

Well, troubleshooting is a bit easier on a flat-screen. Because most of the developers add the automatic predefined settings of the projector for such aspect ratios of the proejctors. For setting your projector for a curve screen you need to do some setting changes from the setting of your home theater anamorphic projector.

Setup Procedure

When you did and purchased the projector screen. Then the first thing that most people often consider is setting up the projector and also screen. Most people don’t know about it how they can connect and set up both. At that time flat-screen re so good for you or even beginners.

If this time buys a projector with the screen then you just need to lead setup flat screen. Because the setup of a flat screen is very easy and does not require any kind of special mounting hardware and tools. There are very simple steps for you to do.

But on the other hand when you are placing a curve screen. Then you will get some difficulties and tools to set up. Because this takes some time to set up and placing the curved screen is a bit more difficult than the normal flat-screen placement.

Which one Provides you with 3D Experiance?

Well, both give you great quality images and displays. But when we talk about the real 3D experience without 3D glasses. Then there is only one option available for you and that is curved screens. Because of sharpness and no need for any glasses to make it 3D videos watching technology.

As you know that some projectors offer you 3D settings by just tuning some buttons and starting 3D mode. You can easily enjoy a 3D experience. But you can’t get the real 3D effect on those projectors. Now on a curved screen, you will get the real experience of 3D glasses and playing games.

On the other hand, when you use a flat-screen then you need 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D experience. With amazing 3D videos available on the internal you can easily stream live TV and videos internal and make a 3D effect using 3D glasses. You also need to change the setting of your projector for making a 3D screen.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about Curved Projector Screen vs Flat. Then we will give you answers to all your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you required and need to know.

Is a flat or curved screen better for gaming?

If you want a better experiance that give you a real 3D experience then a curved screen is better for you. And also most users like curved screens or gaming. If you are a gaming lover and most of the time playing games then curved screens are the best choice for you.

Why are curved screens better?

Because curved screens provide you with more features and options than flat screens. As you know the flat screen is cheaper than curved screens and is easily available on the market. But if you need something new that gives you a 3D experiance and more other features. Then you need to consider a curved screen for your projector.

Can you project onto a curved wall?

You need to make the curved screen be used when your projector is on the wall then the edges or corners are in black. So, it's better to use the original curved screen. But if you don't have any other option then you can use the wall as a curved screen at that time you need to compromise with the image corners and real experiance.

Curved Projector Screen vs Flat-Conclusion

We hope you will get all the information about both types of screens. There are some options that you like about both screens. Now it’s time to decide which one is the best for you to use and place for your projector. Most people recommended you flat screen because it’s very easy to place and use.

Also, it’s very common in the market so you can easily find out this screen in the nearest store. But on the other hand, curved screens are new in the market they give you higher features 3D experience and lots of more advanced features that you never get before. But they are a bit more expensive than the flat screens.

Best Projectors that are compatible with flat screen. you must like it. We hope you like this blog if yes! Then share this with your friends who want to know the difference between both projector screens. If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this blog then comment below we help you to pick the best projector screen.

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