What is The Best 4K Projector Under 1500

Best 4K Projector Under 1500: There are lots of projectors that come with 4K high-quality display and resolution. Now projectors are very common in the market because everyone wants entertainment with their family and friends.

Now you can watch movies and TV shows on a bigger screen with your friends and family members.

Get the real home theater experience without going anywhere. 4K projectors give you a real image just like taken from reality. Because the higher resolution gives you more detailed image quality on a bigger screen. Now we will bring the 7 best 4K projectors under 1500 dollars.

There are lots of 4K projectors available in the market but we bring some top-quality projectors after getting a deep review and then bring these projectors for you. Now we mention all the projectors one by one and if you need the top one that gives you all features and that we like then you need to read the final thoughts in the end.

Here Are the Best 4K Projector Under 1500

Best 4K Projector Under 1500BrightnessPrice
BenQ TK8503000 Lumens Check Price
Optoma GT1090HDR4200 Lumens Check Price
Epson Home Cinema 32002900 Lumens Check Price
LG HF65LA1000 Lumens Check Price
BenQ TK800M 3000 Lumens Check Price
NEBULA D21501500 lumen Check Price
ViewSonic True PX747-4K3500 Lumens Check Price

1. BenQ TK850

BenQ TK850i

BenQ Tk850 is an amazing and true 4K HDR PRO projector that gives you a high-quality resolution with a movie and gaming experience. There is a new and advanced low lag feature available for you that gives you a high-quality gaming experience with low lag. If you are finding the best 4k projector cheap under $1500.

Then this is one amazing option for you that give you 4K ultra HD resolution with a great experience. In this projector, you will get 3840 * 2160 the real 4K projector that gives you clear and deep image quality. As you know 4K projectors are very expensive but now you will get under 1500 dollars.

That gives you a better experience with fewer features. Because if you need higher features and technologies. Then you need to pay more money. At this price, you will get a better experience.

  • 98% Rec.709.
  • 30000:1 image contrast ratio.
  • Brightness 3000 ANSI Lumens.
  • Boring design.

2. Optoma GT1090HDR

Optoma GT1090HDR

Optoma GT1090HDR is an amazing short-throw projector that gives you a laser home theater experience. Now you can easily enjoy real 4K videos on these projectors. 4K projectors give you a great display with clear image quality. if you are looking for an amazing real 4K videos on a projector with your family.

Then you differently consider this projector. It will give you 4200 ANSI lumens of brightness that can easily stay on ambient lighting. If you want to use this projector in room lights then you can easily use it without any problem. Because in this projector you will get high-quality brightness and lighting conditions.

Well, if you talk about lights then you will get a dual-core laser light source that eliminates lamps. It will also give you 30,000 hours of lamp life. That gives you to ensure you use this projector as many times as you want. In this projector, you will get a new technology of HDR10 & HLG to enhance your 4K video experience.

It will give you 1920 x 1080 resolution with 1080p and input of 4K. Enjoy unlimited movies and gaming on this projector.

  • Easy to Install.
  • HDR10 Compatible.
  • Short Throw of 0.50:1
  • Dual-Core light Source.
  • 300,000:1 Image Contrast ratio.
  • 4200 ANSI lumens of Brightness.
  • Not Fully 4K.

3. Epson Home Cinema 3200

Epson Home Cinema 3200

Epson Home Cinema 3200 is an amazing 4K pro UHD projectors that give you a 3-chip to get higher speed while watching movies. If you need a high-quality UHD display projector. Then this is the best 4k projector under 1500 for you reviewed on Reddit. You will get multiple options and features in this projector to get higher speed while gaming.

Because now this will give you 3LCCD advanced technology with displays 100 percent of RGB color signal for every frame. In this Epson projector, you will get 2900 ANSI lumens of brightness that make better video quality but still, you can’t use this projector in outdoor conditions.

Because if you want to use this projector outdoor then you need a higher brightness level but this will provide you with only 2900 lumens. The image contrast ratio is better than others like 40,000:1 making better image resolution. You will get wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth. Now you can easily connect your smartphone or external speakers using Bluetooth.

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Clear and Deep Image.
  • High-quality gaming with Low input lag.
  • Play games on 60 fps with Full HDR technology.
  • Fans are a bit noisy.

4. LG HF65LA


LG HF65LA ultra-short-throw projector as you can see in the projector design. You will get the high-quality experience of watching videos. This is a small projector but you will get lots of amazing features and options in this projector. This is a small projector that makes better images and videos on the wall.

If you are finding the best 4K protector that comes in your budget like under 1500 dollars. Then this is the best option for you to get all the necessary features. It will give you a 1500:1 image contrast ratio to improve the video and image experience. As you know LG is a big brand that makes great quality products normally LG makes smartphones and gives you a better screen.

So, that’s why you will get better image quality on this projector. Now in this projector of LG, you will get a WIFI connectivity option. That helps you to connect your wireless devices like smartphones, external speakers, and more.

  • Full HD Resolution.
  • 100-inch Projection.
  • In-built Speakers system.
  • 30,000 hours of battery life.
  • 150000:1 Image contrast ratio.
  • Not a Durable Construction.

5. BenQ TK800M

BenQ TK800M

BenQ is a big brand of projector. This brand makes lots of amazing 4K and full HD projectors in the market. Today we will review the BenQ TK800M that gives you a 4K UHD resolution and a real home theater experience with HDR support and also HLG technology.

Now in this projector, you will get 3000 lumens of brightness features to enhance your experience in low light conditions. But if you want to use this projector in daylight conditioning or outdoor then you need to get high power and brightness in your projector.

It gives you 4K resolution to watch ultra-high definition videos and play games. This type of brightness gives you benefits in ambient lighting conditions. It will give you 96% Rec.709 for accurate color gradient. In the light of the best 4K projector under 1500, only this will give you auto adjustment keystone correction.

If you don’t know what does keystone do. Then we will tell you Keystone is an auto screen adjustment option available in some projectors. Now if you place your projector and screen. You don’t need to adjust your screen from the right or left side. Sometimes your screen is placed upper on the right side and lower on the left side.

So, you don’t need to do anything. Because projectors automatically detect and adjust the screen for you.

  • 1.1X Zoom Technology.
  • 15000 Hours of Lamp life.
  • 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution.
  • 10000:1 image contrast ratio.
  • 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness.
  • Low-Quality Speakers.

6. NEBULA D2150


Anker Nebula is an amazing brand of mini projector. There are lots of projectors that come with this brand that gives you high-quality resolution and 4K support. If you need an amazing projector that gives you high-quality resolution and also compact size. Then the Anker NEBULA D2150 is the best option for you.

That comes under 1500 and gives you a real 4K video watching experience. It will give you Max’s 4K UHD image with gaming and movie-watching options. Now you can easily play different games on this projector you just need to connect your smart devices with this projector.

A new dimension of sound that produces ample sound quality that delivers 360° of true 3D audio technology. Unlimted applications are included in this projector also you will get a 4 x 10W speakers system. The new technology of HDR10 + HLG and Vertical, Horizontal movement options are available in this projector.

It offers you 1500 ANSI lumens of brightness that make better image quality in low lighting conditions. But not that better to give you a better screen in lighting conditions. Comes with operating system Android TV 9.0 in Google Play Store access. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options are available to connect multiple devices without wire.

  • 4K support.
  • Auto Focus.
  • WiFi, Bluetooth Support.
  • In build Speakers system.
  • Portable size easy to carry.
  • Requires 4K router to connect.

7. ViewSonic True PX747-4K

ViewSonic PX747-4K

ViewSonic is an amazing brand of projector. That makes the latest high-resolution and better image quality projectors. Now we will review the latest ViewSonic True 4K Projector that gives you 3500 ANSI lumens of brightness that make a better and brighter screen while watching your favorite movies and videos.

It will give you Full HDR support with dual HDMI ports to connect multiple devices with this projector. This is an amazing model PX747 4K resolution technology projector. The resolution used in this projector is 3840 x 2160p which makes a bigger and clear image on the screen.

Now you can experience the 4K videos like you will get on 4K TVs. It will give you 15,000 hours of lamp life that give you ensure an experience to use this projector for a long time. You don’t need to worry about the lamp because you can easily use this for a long time without any problem.

If you know the lamp is the most expensive part of a projector that you need to check before buying it. It gives you flexible connectivity options like gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. This projector gives you remote control to control your screen without touching your projector.

  • Easy to Plug and Play.
  • 15000 Hours Lamp Life.
  • In-Built Speakers System.
  • 4K 3840 x 2160p resolution.
  • 3500 ANSI lumens of brightness.
  • Difficult to connect with Apple devices.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Some users have questions about Best 4K Projector Under 1500. Then we will give you answers to all your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you required and need to know.

Is a 4k projector worth it

4K projectors are good because they give you a team of quality with deep and clear images and videos. Normally 4K projectors are very expensive but now you can easily get the best 4K projector under 1500 that we will review for you and give you detailed information about all projectors.

Which 4K projector is best?

There are lots of amazing projectors available for you that give you a real 4K resolution and experience for watching movies. But the famous and great projector is NEBULA D2150 and the other one is LG HF65LA. That gives you a higher 4K resolution with wireless connectivity features.

Are 4K projectors really 4K?

Sometimes when you check the resolution of 3840 x 2160p then you know the projector that you want to buy is real 4K. That gives you a real 4K resolution of videos and movies. Then you can easily buy that high-resolution projector for your daily usage.

Best 4K Projector Under 1500-Final Thoughts

Well, here is all the information about the best 4K projectors that comes under 1500 dollars. If you like this information about the best projectors then share this article with your friends. Who wants to get the best and ideal projector. You can easily decide the best one that gives you a higher resolution and features.

If you need our suggestion then we mostly like LG HF65LA which gives you a higher resolution with short-throw experience. That means you don’t need to place your projector at a long distance. Because short-throw allows you to place a projector near your screen.

If you are still struggling to find the best 4K projector then comment to us we will help you to find the best projector to make your home theater.

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