BenQ HT2150ST vs TH671ST Full Comparison (Updated 2022)

In this article, we will give you a quick and complete comparison of two BenQ HT2150ST vs TH671ST projectors. We will share all features advantages and disadvantages of these two projectors. Which is the best option for you that gives you a high-quality image viewing experience.

Let’s find out the best one that gives you an amazing movie and video-watching experience. Compare both projectors which give you more advanced features and options. If you don’t know about these projectors. Then we will tell you they both are related to the same and one of the popular brands BenQ.

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BenQ HT2150ST vs TH671ST Features

ComparisonBenQ HT2150STBenQ TH671ST
width14.98 in11.65 in
Height4.79 in4.72 in
Weight7.93 pounds5.9 pounds
Size4.79 x 14.98 x 10.91 inches11.65 x 4.60 x 9.50 inches
Mounting TypeCeiling Mount, TableCeiling Mount, Table
Wattage353 watts320 watts
Brightness2200 ANSI Lumen3000 ANSI Lumen
Contrast Ratio15, 000:110000:1
Color Accurate96% Rec.70992% Rec. 709
Integrated SpeakersYesYes
Speaker Power10W5W
Sound TypeStereoMono
Lamp Life7,000 Hours15,000 Hours
Noise Level29 / 27 DBa33/29 Dba
Lens ShiftVertical +/- 20Vertical +/- 40
Audio Input 3.5mm 11
12V Trigger10

BenQ HT2150ST Best 1080p

BenQ HT2150ST

BenQ HT2150St is an amazing and higher brightness protector that gives you a 1080p resolution. In this projector, you will get unparallel and unmatchable picture quality with high accuracy feature. The colors of this 1080p projector are very creative and give you 96% Rec.709 colors accurate feature with a high-quality viewing experience.

This projector gives you low input lag that helps you with high-speed gaming. There are multiple options available in this projector like if you want to increase the brightness level to watch your video and play games in daylight conditions. Then you need to select the high brightness option that gives you 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness.

If you have 3000 ANSI lumens brightness or an upper projector then you will get higher and brighter image quality. Because above 3000 lumens projectors created for daylight viewing or outdoor high light condition. If you are planning to use this projector indoors then the normal 2200 lumens version is perfect for you to use.

Full HD display with a high-quality interface and great experience while playing games. If you are looking for a projector for gaming then this is one of the best options for you that gives you a high speed with low lag gaming experience. It gains the highest wattage power over 353W while the light source wattage to gove power to this projector.

After some time when you turn on this projector, it will take 240W that combines to deliver outstanding results. This is an amazing and color-efficient projector that provides you with more color accuracy than you ever get with any other premium-level projector. Now you can play games and stream Netflix & Prime videos without any problem for a long time.

Because this projector gives you up to 7000 hours of lamp life. Well, the lamp is an important part of the projector if you want to use any projector long time. Then you need to consider the higher lamp life well, the lamp is a small lens that is placed on the front of every projector.

The lamp produces images on a wall or where ever you want to place the projector.  So, if you want to display a better image and use it for a long time then you need to check the lamp life. This projector offers you a zoom ratio of 1.2:1 with a lens: F/# = 2.6 -2.78. Now, you will get keystone adjustment: 1D, verticle 20 degrees and offset: 102.5%2.5% clear image size.

This projector pre-added some features for a high-quality gaming experience. There are multiple customizations available in the color of this projector. Now you can enjoy a great color experience with high-quality images. This projector is easily well performed in dark light conditions. Because that gives you 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness that give you dar and low light conditing experience.

If you need high light conditions like an outdoor setup then you need to change the capacity of this projector which gives you a 3000 lumens option at the same price. That you can easily enjoy a better experience with a bright image. If you ever use a high brightness projector in low light conditions.

Then you know at that time your eyes paining because the brightness is too high for you. That’s why you need to decide your requirement that helps you get the best projector. In this HT2150ST you will get both high-quality brightness and low-quality brightness level options. But on the other hand, TH671ST gives you only one option of brightness.

Why need to buy BenQ HT2150ST?

This is the best option for ultimate gaming. If you want to play games on a projector with a low lag time then this is perfect for you to start playing your favorite games on a bigger screen.

  • Two Brightness Options.
  • Powerful Dual Speakers.
  • Great Image quality.
  • 3D Support.
  • Lower Lamp Life.

BenQ TH671ST HD Short Throw Gaming

BenQ TH671ST

This is a higher brightness and great color accuracy projector that give you amazing colors to ensure you will get a high-quality image. The BenQ TH671ST produces the real colors for all gaming lovers. Everyone likes high and great color accuracy while playing games and watching Netflix movies. This projector gives you 1080p Full HD resolution to watch every time with a great experience.

If you need power full viewing experience then you can check this projector that offers you a high-quality experience. That comes with 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness that make it easier to watch and play games in daylight conditions like outdoor. Powerful viewing experience with a 10,000:1 image contrast ratio that impacts directly image quality to improve and deliver high-quality videos.

Now you will get an amazing cinematic experience where ever you want because it comes in a compact size. That everyone easily carries anywhere without any problem. It does not matter to stream in some specific area you can easily use it whenever and where ever you want like day or night any time. Because this projector offers you powerful lumens that keep enhancing your Experian with daylight conditions.

You can easily enjoy a bigger screen when you start using this projector. If you want to make a home cinema then you need to try this projector that gives you LCD/LED TV size and even bigger size to start streaming. In this projector, you will get multiple connectivity options like HDMI, USB, VGA, Audio output 3.5mm, Audio input 3-5mm, MHL, and more other ports to connect different devices.

This projector offers you 1080p resolution with 92% Rec.709 color accuracy that impacts image quality. But in HT2150ST you will get 96% Rec.709 that better than this projector.

With this projector, you can easily connect PS4, Xbox One X, and other devices you will get the ultra-smooth experience of gaming on this without any motion blur to keep the focus on the game.

Take the action to the big screen 100 inches screen from 5 feet away from the wall. You can easily increase the screen size up to 300 inches as per your requirement.

If you want to mount this on a tripod or ceiling then you need a stand that helps you to connect and place it anywhere without any problem. Now you will get 3 years of warranty with limited parts that you can replace in 3 years after the purchase date.

Why need to buy BenQ TH671ST?

It gives you higher lumens of brightness that take benefit in daylight condition streaming. High-quality resolution with a great experience. It also has long lamp life that helps you to use this for a long time without any problem

  • High Brightness 3000 Lumens.
  • Expended Lamp Life.
  • Low Price.
  • Too Dark.

Advanced Features decide Winner Out of BenQ HT2150ST vs TH671ST

Well, we will tell you all about these two projectors that come with the same brand. But give you different features and options. Now you need to pick one of them that you like. Because everyone has different requirements and needs from their projectors.

We will give you some frequently asked questions that help you to decide on the best projector that gives you high quality with a better experience.

Which is the best for gaming?

BenQ HT2150ST

Because in this projector you will get a high-quality brightness experience with a gaming mode feature that you never get with another projector. A dual-screen changing option is also available on this projector.

Which is for daylight usage?

BenQ TH671St is the best option for you if you want to use this in daylight conditions. Because in this projection you will get 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness. That gives you a better experience in daylight viewing.

Which got the best Speaker Quality?

The HT2150ST gives you a better 10W dual speaker system. That gives you all the theater experience with amazing sound quality.

The winner out of BenQ HT2150ST vs TH671ST

In this Compatisome our winner is BenQ Th671St.

  • Higher brightness.
  • Long Lamp Life 15,000 Hours.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Affordable.

Reasons Why Pick BenQ TH671St

The simple reason is if you want a great high-quality projector that gives you a long-time streaming feature. Then you need to pick this because not everyone is a gamer that plays daily. But everyone needs Full HD quality videos and movies to watch in their daily life.

Now everyone wants to watch web series on Netflix that’s why we pick this TH671ST that gives you better performance with high-quality brightness to use outdoor as well as indoors.

Final Thoughts

Well, This is our great comparison of BenQ HT2150ST vs TH671ST with the winner award going to the amazing and high-quality resolution projector TH671ST. Now, this is our judgment to pick this projector with all its pros and cons. We hope you satisfy with our review and suggestion.

Everyone has different expectations and requirements from these projectors. But we can decide all-rounder that comes first with every unique feature. If you have any suggestions about these two projectors then comment below we love your review and suggestions.

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